This merely in: Stephanie Pratt, former cast member of the

The Hills

, provides a new program. And relating to
MTV Information
, the woman brand new collection can be a great deal like—get this—

The Hills

. The Bravo show will explore the characteristics between Pratt and some fellow socialites hanging out in a large area (these times, its nyc).

The news had gotten myself all nostalgic the original days of
Lauren Conrad
and also the group, Ah,

The Hills

. From the getting very excited to stay straight down and watch
the ever-so-beautiful LC
take on the town of Los Angeles. There seemed to be a thing that simply received people in. Was just about it Lauren’s constantly best tresses? Or Audrina Patridge’s extended awkward pauses? Or maybe it actually was our hope that Lauren and Heidi would put their own conflict apart and turn into besties once more. But, there’s one thing we could all acknowledge —

The Hills

gave readers some really great existence classes which will permanently stay with united states:

Forgive & Forget

Lauren and Heidi sure had their unique downs and ups. Well, in fact generally downs. All of us recall when Spencer distribute that awful rumor about Lauren, and Heidi won’t admit the woman date’s dirty work. Cut to Lauren advising Heidi those popular terms, “I want to forgive you, and I also should forget you.” Ooooh burn! Lauren’s a sensible girl and she knows whenever sufficient is sufficient.

Lesson learned: it is best to forgive and tend to forget. Forgive men and women because of their mistakes and forget all of them as being your own friend. Lauren’s adding her borders so should we. Plus, that is in addition outstanding range for once you encounter a vintage fire who would like you straight back.

Wear Waterproof Mascara

Its all enjoyable and video games, until some body cries a black colored rip. In this situation, it had been Lauren. Her and Audrina had been feuding and Lauren couldn’t hold-back the woman rips any further. This is basically the second when women worldwide went straight-out on their nearest drugstore and purchased some waterproof mascara.

Lesson discovered: Crying is a genuine battle and so are those feared mascara-running tears. Help your self with water resistant makeup. This way, it is possible to cry it out without appearing like a raccoon (not that raccoons aren’t lovable).

Never Ignore Paris

When you’ve got the option of going to Paris for any summer or sticking with your not-so-great sweetheart inside the Malibu beach residence, YOU CHOOSE PARIS. Regrettably, LC didn’t know this rule whenever she made the blunder of picking Jason on the travel of a very long time. Each of us gasped as we watched Whitney walk out of the vehicle, versus Lauren. While Whitney was acquiring her Paris on, Lauren ended up splitting up with Jason.

Lesson learned: Thus women, never choose a horrible boyfriend over outstanding profession and life possibility. After all, Paris has actually berets, the Eiffel Tower and french men. Just what more could a lady ask for?

Close Friends Are Difficult To Locate

Lauren did not have simple to use inside the friend office. After Jen Bunney betrayed the woman with Brody, whom could LC rely on? You believe that could be sufficient, but the Heidi and Spencer distribute that rumor. THEN, a few conditions later, Audrina accuses Lauren of setting up with Justin Bobby. Give the woman some slack! Thank god for Lo and Whitney — friends into recovery.

Lesson discovered: Good and real buddies are difficult to come by. But when you see them, you cherish all of them. Do not let backstabbing men and women enter into your lifetime. A friend must not attach along with your ex, distribute rumors in regards to you, or chat behind the back. I believe we all could see Jen Bunny ended up being trouble through the beginning. If only Lauren could have seen that as well.

Rethink Second Possibilities

Oh, the classic love tale between Justin Bobby and Audrina. Our very own modern Romeo & Juliet. . .Kind of. Audrina held getting JB back over repeatedly as well as once more. Every time she mentioned she had been done, he would keep returning around thereupon lengthy glorious locks of his and win her heart-back. She couldn’t withstand him, and neither could we. But slowly and definitely, she expanded tired of their video games and understood she couldn’t change him. So after many opportunities, she said ADEQUATE and had been really accomplished.

Lesson learned: next opportunities might be ok, but not third and last and 5th chances. Whenever we have discovered something from Audrina and Justin Bobby, it really is which you cannot change an individual. They might be who they are. Furthermore, know your own worth, lady. If a man performs games together with your center, burps consistently and does not seem sensible half committed he talks, you will be far too good for him.

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